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Let's continue the academic year with NEW and progressive!

Case-lessons are the main innovation in the world this school year. A lot of schools of the world use highly demanded INNOVATIVE case-lessons. It sets the tone for the whole year!


Case-lessons solve your problems!

Case-lesson is a unique study material structured in a special format.

Case-lesson consists of 6-10 ready-to-use scans, which systematically reflect topics of a school curriculum and related information outside it. Case-lessons are designed to enhance knowledge and develop competences.

What problems does it solve?

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Students become smart, clever and successful

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Teachers get efficient tool and attractive bonuses

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Practical and creative

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Topics for lively debates in the classroom

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Parents satisfied with the results

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Schools are happy with motivated students

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Useful cascade structure of educational material

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Large number of bright illustrations and infographics

How does it solve?

Case-lessons are the main innovation in the world this school year.

A lot of schools of the world use highly demanded innovative case-lessons.

It motivates students to learn and comprehend new information of the school program, and beyond it. Therefore, many schools in the world have made it a new rule to hold thematic case-lessons once a month.

It is a new approach that has not existed before. And it is great that the case-lessons are available from now!

The case-lessons had been developed in accordance to the school program. They also take into account the actual interests of students, technology, society and arts trends. The case-lessons aim to facilitate the work of teachers and propose a variety of thematic and grades packages.

Look how easy it is!

It is hard to imagine a modern man without a smartphone. This gadget evolves so quickly and absorbs a lot of new scientific and technological ideas, acquiring opportunities and features. That is why the smartphone is our indispensable assistant and "friend". Would you like to understand your "friend" better and to know what technologies are behind its features? So, let's have a look inside the gadget!

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Topic: The history of discovery and progress

Subjects: physics, chemistry / biochemistry, computer science, mathematics, astronomy, zoology.

Purpose: To understand the role of an outstanding personality in the development of science and society.

Enjoy a smart and useful studying process in a modern, exciting format.
See how brighter and faster the success of you students becomes!

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These books are written in easy language, are full of aphorisms and fine illustrations. The books are a real manual for teacher's usefulness, student's relief, savings for governments and inspiration to clever people.
The Education Blast

A new book by a famous researcher, businessman and author Vladimir Spivakovsky.

Atlas of the Perfect Education System

This Atlas is irreplaceable and it “must have” every school, family, university, researcher, policy maker, and teacher.

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